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Welcome to The Tuscan Grove

Welcome to The Tuscan Grove or as we call it here: Boschetto Toscano. Which means the little forest of Tuscany. The perfect name for our olive grove. Because when we first found it, we said, “This looks more like a little forest than an olive grove!” Since then the name has been used. It has grown to mean the magical little forest, as when you are here you will fall in love with it as we have.

The Tuscan Grove Project

Restoration of an Olive Grove in Tuscany

We are currently restoring this beautiful olive grove. Clearing out the vines and overgrowth, tidying the trees and clearing space to plant even more. it is a HUGE project, but we believe a worthwhile one. Not only will this olive grove produce some of the finest organic handpicked oil in the region (if not Italy, the project is providing steady work for many of the local people who otherwise would find it difficult. Below are images of the first work…. A lot to do! BUT it will be producing oil by the end of this year. Not a lot maybe 1200 litres, but high quality organic hand picked oil.To put that in perspective, by the end of the 3rd or 4th year we will produce 8000 litres and by the 6-7th years about 15-2000 litres with 5000 trees. All while maintaining the handpicked and organic mindset we are starting with.

An olive grove restored with your help!

We are SO lucky to have amazing supporters. And all of the money from our tree supporter family goes to the future of the grove and supporting local workers in the grove. NONE of this would have been possible without them sponsoring the trees.

By sponsoring a tree, not only do you help the grove, you also get your very own slice of Tuscany! You are more than welcome to visit your tree, just call us and let us know when you would like to come! We also have free holidays in Italy for those who sponsor 6 or more trees.
Come, visit, stay, love Tuscany. If you have any questions, please do drop us an email by clicking here.

We have four main tree sponsor packages, so please click any of the below to find out more.


Sponsor a single tree – incl yearly olive oil


Sponsor 6 trees – incl Free Holiday


Sponsor 33 Trees – incl Holiday for 12


Sponsor 65 Trees – incl Holiday for 12


Sponsor 6 or more trees and we will give you a free luxury holiday at Villa Marae. The Tree Fanatic 6 tree sponsorship comes with a luxury week for two while the Grove Lover 33 tree sponsorship comes with one week for 12 people.
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Our Latest sponsors – Thank you!

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